Fast as a rapier

Save time and effort! Application development becomes much easier by having all in one place.


Open source

That's the way I like it! Add value by adapting Phisketeer to your specific needs.


Database integration

Integrate your databases by using a simple user interface. It's as easy as that!


Visual effects

Add cool animations and transformations to your images and page elements. Just select them from the menu.



The Phi(sketeer) software enables you to easily and quickly create high value Intranet and Internet applications. Realize an entire web site including database connection in no time by means of a menu-driven editor. You don't need any programming skills in PHP or ASP.

Fast Implementation

The focal point of Phi is on fast application development. Integrated database connection and JavaScript allow you to process any information from Web forms rapidly. It realizes multiple language versions easily. With Phi you reduce your development effort considerably.

New Web Experience

Phi is far more than just another HTML editor. It simplifies the creation and modification of layouts. Page element can be comfortably inserted by drag-and-drop. Create amazing visual effects - as fading, transparency and animations - at the click of your mouse. The PhiPlugin extends the range of effects by perspective presentation of all page elements. Those effects leads to a completely new Web experience.



Open source

Phis (the server component and the Apache module) is released open source since version 1.4.0. The software is based on the popular multi platform C++ library »Qt (from Digia) and was initially developed (since 2009) by »Phisys AG located in Switzerland.

Developers all around the world are invited to contribute to create an easy interface for an outstanding web application toolkit for the public. There are many »open tasks and we need your help!

The source code is available under the GPL.

How can you help us?


If you are interested to support us - regardless how, please do not hesitate to contact us via »email. We are looking forward.

Database integration

Phi(sketeer) comes along with integrated database support. Via Serverscripting (JavaScript API) you can seamlessly access your database by directly entering SQL statements.

Database drivers are installed as a plug-in (Qt based) and can then be selected in the Artephis editor.

SQL statements can also be entered in the editor itself which reduces additional work.

Visual effects

Phi(sketeer) includes a lot of visual effects like reflections, colorizing, shadows, etc. and is improving from version to version.

Many display items are rendered directly on server side (and cached for faster access) like graphical text, boxes and circles.

With the provided JavaScript API based on jQuery a lot of additional effects are available like animations, text replacements, etc.

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